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Formedia is a modern and dynamically growing company. With extensive experience, knowledge, and a trained team, we are capable of fulfilling orders involving clear and colored plexiglass, polycarbonate, PVC, plywood, and products with a wide range of applications.

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality custom-made products. Unconventional items are tailored to the individual needs of each client. With our in-house design studio, we create prototypes before mass production, which we present to the client for approval.

Laser plotters, milling plotters, automated benders, polishers, and UV printers form an extensive machinery park that grants us individual and limitless capabilities in plastic processing. Consequently, this ensures our clients fast, punctual, and cost-effective product delivery. We are delighted that our services are chosen by companies beyond Poland, including from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and England.

Our main activity is the production of acrylic display stands and stands. We also operate an online store with over 3000 ready-made products made from acrylic. Our store offer includes, among others, brochure holders, display stands, displays, pockets, containers, trays, cubes, piggy banks, frames, plaques, hangers, shades, dispensers, showcases, shelves, cabinets, racks, figurines, podiums, and office dividers. This extensive range will allow you to present your assortment in an eye-catching manner in any field of activity. We cordially invite you to explore our offer.

Displays perfectly tailored to your product and brand

Selected plexiglass brochure holders for leaflets from A7 to A3

Pockets and hangers
made of plexiglass

Selected boxes, cubes, display cases, and pockets made of plexiglass

Selected plexiglass gadgets for the gastronomy industry

Exhibition displays
for products

Plexiglass gadgets
and awards

Floor stands for leaflets
and posters


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List of offerings from Formedia store

This is also a brief description of our technical capabilities. The realms of advertising creation are vast and their elements can be endlessly interchanged. Hence, we’ve established an online store that allows you to quickly view our products and order ready-made components for swift displays. Do you need larger quantities of individual presenters or advertising stands tailored to your project and product? Reach out to us. Our designers will provide the best solution matched to your brand’s identity.

We are a manufacturer of various advertising forms for product presentations. We create displays for both Polish and foreign companies. Are you looking for an exhibition solution for a new product collection? Contact us, and you’ll receive the best solutions in the form of products made from materials like plywood, plexiglass, polycarbonate, and composite. Contact us at:

We offer personalization of ready-made plexiglass products using UV light-cured printing. We recommend a wide selection of Formedia’s proprietary designs.

Do you have a business and are looking for a product for displaying and advertising your activities? Our team will design and create a dedicated product for your brand under your unique identity.

druk uv potykacz

A wide selection of presenters for individual promotional materials. They are a standard feature for shops, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Classic exhibition products for displaying prices, descriptions, business cards, leaflets, and smaller posters, suitable for both single and double-sided presentation, as well as horizontal and vertical orientations.

podkładka reklamowa

Exhibition products for displaying multiple promotional materials, leaflets, brochures, and business cards. They are a standard feature in shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, and service points.

Plexiglass and PET products designed for displaying individual promotional materials hung on walls or shelves. Reusable, with quick graphic exchange functionality. Universally applicable, for example, for installing labels next to doors, posters for store displays, instructions. Standard equipment for shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, service points.

Reklama na przyssawkach

High-quality plexiglass pockets. Stylish metal finishing with silver and gold accents and spacers that blend into any interior, enhancing its image. An elegant way of displaying signage within offices, hotels, waiting rooms, and customer service areas.

Custom-made signs:

tablica na dystansach do biura

Signs from Formedia are available with just the text and with the text along with your logo.

Elegant inscriptions displayed on milky white, black, and clear plexiglass. They blend seamlessly into the interiors of spas, hotels, banquet halls, and restaurants. The natural gloss of the smooth material gives them a stylish character. These descriptors will help bring beauty and harmony to your interior, and clients will feel that you prioritize their comfort.

kieszeń na kartki z informacją o rabatach

A gadget for handwritten short messages, supporting retail sales. With Formedia’s standing chalkboard signs, you can effectively communicate promotions or product prices in an engaging way. We offer options with pre-printed messages using UV light-cured printing or for self-writing with chalk markers.

tabliczki kredowe do restauracji

Signs from Formedia are available with just the text and with the text along with your logo.

Elegant inscriptions displayed on milky white, black, and clear plexiglass.

They fit into the interiors of spas, hotels, banquet halls, and restaurants. The natural gloss of the smooth material gives them a stylish character. These tags will help you bring beauty and harmony to your interior, and clients will feel that you prioritize their comfort.

The tags include phrases such as: reservation, reception, cold dishes, hot dishes, dessert table, drink bar, snacks, coffee table, sugar, salt. Customized inscriptions for hotels, banquet halls, wedding venues, and restaurants.

tabliczki na stół z napisami

Plexiglass cubes, containers in the shape of cubes. Available in designs of clear, black, and milky white material. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, such as gloss, smooth edges, and aesthetic bonding. Perfect for use as display cases for exhibition items, bases for products like in a candy bar, or a modern lamp, for example, a cube illuminated from the inside.

organizery z plexi na przedmioty

Clear urns, plexiglass piggy banks for envelopes, raffle tickets, money. Containers with lids and lock with a key. The piggy banks are made of clear plexiglass. An elegant alternative to cans or cardboard boxes for envelopes. Perfect for collecting contributions, wedding guest wishes, or anonymous surveys.

skarbonki z trwałej plexi

Plexiglass product stands made from appropriately bent, profiled pieces of material. Through this technique, the transparent plexiglass form becomes timeless and elegant. They seamlessly fit into any display composition in showcases and store windows, perfectly highlighting small products like jewelry, watches, chocolates, small corporate gadgets.


Highly practical gadgets for displaying food and organizing work in the gastronomy and hospitality industry. They are essential tools for managing operations in restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, banquets, and hotels.

They also find their use in all kinds of tasting places, including gas stations, where fast meals are served.

Do you need a gift or is your company looking for decor? An elegant 2-in-1 plexiglass presenter is perfect for displaying your jewelry. With clear plexiglass, customers don’t have to remove the product to view it closely. Its elegant and versatile design will fit into any interior. Explore the full range of jewelry exhibition gadgets from Formedia, the manufacturer.

Elegant and practical plexiglass stands will help your company effectively showcase your product. A stable and timeless stand will not only enhance the security of your products but also present them better. It’s easy to maintain, allowing for home use as well.

Order and sterility in your company’s showroom or store? Plexiglass stands will help maintain order in your salon or premises. Easy to clean, making it suitable for home use as well. It’s a perfect idea for home, but also as a gift for anyone.

Plugs, dividers for refrigerators, shelf limiters are made of PVC plexiglass in three variations: clear, milky, and black. Aesthetic and easy to clean, they find their application in pastry shops, restaurants, as well as ice cream parlors, bakeries, or stores.

Looking for a clock with your own design for your company? We create high-quality wall clocks with UV printing. They perfectly complement the interior of homes, apartments, hotels, or any establishment. A representative gadget for your company with a quiet battery-powered mechanism. We fulfill personalized orders starting from 10 pieces.

We provide plastic processing services, ranging from printing on materials to cutting, bending, engraving, gluing, etc. Our services are of the highest quality. If you’ve won a bid and are looking for a contractor, you’ve come to the right place! Utilize Formedia’s machinery and specialists for your benefit.

robienie reklam bydgoszcz

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We’re delighted that you’re interested in our range of products.

We are an advertising agency, a manufacturer of spatial advertising materials, and a large format printing house, and we don’t hesitate to utilize our capabilities for you. We continuously expand our range of exhibition and advertising products, so visit us often or request our newsletter – that way, you’ll certainly stay up to date.

display z kieszonkami bezbarwny

We create both small spatial forms from plexiglass and polycarbonate, as well as large and complex advertisements, such as illuminated three-dimensional letters with dibond fronts featuring plastic. We utilize solvent, digital, offset, and UV light curing printing technologies. The presented offer is just the beginning of our work. The majority of our orders involve comprehensive advertising support for brands and companies of our clients. We design customized projects tailored to specific brands.

If you’re interested, we’d be more than happy to create products tailored to your needs.

Are you a freelancer?

Are you designing in an advertising agency or at a furniture manufacturer with glass elements? Are you a decorator who needs to bring their project to life? Do you need a place where your idea can be fully realized? Perfect! At Formedia, you have that opportunity. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide a quote and explain how we can execute your project.

This is also where machine parts and semi-finished products for machinery enclosures are created.

All thanks to our extensive and modern machinery park, as well as our years of experience in the advertising industry. And that’s not all. Our machinery park is continuously expanding, providing us with significant production capacity. We produce our products in thousands of pieces, then carefully package them and ship them to various locations in Poland and abroad. Our customers are already spread across distant places like Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

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