Preisschilder aus Plexiglas

Are you looking for the right price tag to describe your product? Our company offers products for easy and clear presentation of product prices. We manufacture them from lightweight and aesthetically pleasing 2mm clear plexiglass. They are perfect for use in clothing stores, grocery stores, etc. In our offer, we have various formats, shapes, ways of displaying or hanging price tags, so you can find the perfect one for your service. They can be used in display cases or on shelves, directly exposed next to the offered product on store counters and tables. We have a wide range of sizes, allowing you to customize them according to your needs, depending on whether you want to indicate only the price or a complete price list with a description of the assortment, for example. Plexiglass price tags are appreciated in stores, shopping malls, pharmacies, drugstores, home appliance and electronics stores, clothing stores, cafes, etc.—anywhere retail and wholesale sales are conducted. Price tags are a very practical plexiglass gadget for the store, making it easy to exchange graphics and being very visible from any perspective. Their shape is usually designed in the form of the letter „L,“ which significantly improves readability from greater distances. Do you want to see the full range of this product?

If you want to learn more details about our products or haven’t found the right advertising form for yourself, contact us at, and we will prepare the perfect exhibition solution for you. We are a manufacturer of plexiglass products and have the largest offer of ready-made exhibition solutions in Poland. Order wholesale quantities of price tags from us. We tailor the shape, brand to your brand. We can engrave or UV print a logo, advertising slogan, any graphics. Gain a product made from the best materials, crafted with the utmost care at an attractive price. Due to the application and placement method, the price tags produced by Formedia are divided into two main groups: mini plexiglass stands and hanging pockets.

Standing price tags, i.e., plexiglass stands for a card

Try stable mini stands made of clear plexiglass and gain a clear message presentation. Stable stands for sliding cards with prices are stable and do not take up much space. Choose a model from our store and enjoy the ease of conveying information. Do you often create promotions or sales, or perhaps plan to change a collection or refresh your store’s offerings? Now, with price stands, you can do it easily. Convenient pockets will allow you to quickly exchange information. We guarantee that the forms of price tag stands will remain unchanged during frequent use. Acrylic glass, from which they are made, is characterized by an elegant presentation. It is almost deceptively similar to glass and much lighter and more resistant to breakage, which is an undeniable advantage. Buy one of our ready-made products from the plexiglass products store, or order a price tag dedicated to your brand, e.g., with a UV-printed logo.

Hanging price tags, i.e., plexiglass hanging pockets

An interesting solution to attract people to your articles is to use our hanging plexiglass pockets, which will transparently expose both the price and the product description. They will work perfectly, for example, in stores or shopping centers. Check out the forms of plexiglass pockets available in our store and choose the perfect hanging price tag for your services. Mounted on tape, suction cups, spacers, or simply in forms integrated with a hanger for quick installation. These are larger price tags such as A4, A5, A6, A7, and DL that you can place next to the product. You will describe it and present its instructions, advantages, origin. Our pockets have a universal and modern look, making them interesting and suitable for any interior. They can also be used as car advertising or to display important certificates and diplomas.

The purpose of all plexiglass price tags is to place product descriptions, such as the name or price, in them. Formedia products are characterized by the durability of the material and high quality of workmanship. We offer price tags made of 2mm clear plexiglass, which work perfectly in grocery stores, clothing stores, and many others. Small price tags can be used on shelves and display cases, while large ones can be displayed on store counters or tables. Thanks to these practical plexiglass products, customers receive clear information about the costs they will incur, and they know exactly which product offered by you they relate to. You will introduce order and harmony to the store display easily, making shopping at your store comfortable.