Acrylic pockets

Looking for a way to label and describe office spaces? Perhaps you need simple hanging pockets for posters on store windows, baskets, or product shelves? With acrylic pockets or sleeves, you can ensure that your information is clear and aesthetically displayed. These solutions come in a timeless and universal form made of transparent material. They are available as freestanding units, for self-hanging, or as ready-made sets for leaflet boards. In our online store, we offer the widest selection of ready-made pocket designs, so come and choose the perfect display product for yourself.

Grab Attention

Every detail contributes to the advertising of a store, hotel, or office. Ensure that the information you provide to your guests is presented in the best possible way. The perception of your business by current and future customers depends on how you do it. The appearance, size, method, and location of posters, leaflets, business cards, and promotional brochures are all important.

Clear, Aesthetic, Effective

Make sure your information is easy to notice and read. By choosing acrylic pockets with double-sided tape, you’ll gain quick poster installation in any location—whether it’s a wall, window, or shelf side. Slip in user manuals, current promotions, daily specials, and make your recipients feel comfortable. Thanks to the simple construction of slide-in acrylic pockets, you’ll achieve fast and effortless content replacement. You’ll appreciate this especially when frequently organizing promotions and updating advertising information. Wall-mounted acrylic pockets are very lightweight, so they can be used as door signs or pockets mounted on doors. They inform about the room number, name, function of the room, who works in a particular office, and during what hours. Remove the double-sided tape protection and stick the pocket to the side of a shelf or display case.

Various Solutions

A special form of rigid clear sleeves is pockets with suction cups. They can be mounted on store windows, in showcases, at cashier and information windows. When needed, they can be easily removed. They are perfect for temporary displays, for example, during sales periods. They can also be hung on a car window. The suction cups are very strong. They won’t drop the poster during prolonged exposure to sunlight and other external factors like temperature changes and wind. They can be safely used outside car showrooms and markets.

Comfort and Convenience

Internal plexiglass signs are particularly valued for their comfortable use, quick exchange of posters and leaflets, and their universal form fitting into any type of room. They take up little space and can serve as a kind of mini bulletin board. They work wherever the floor cannot be occupied by a poster stand. By utilizing the wall for display, we can choose any location. In a beauty salon, we can hang a row of diplomas and certificates at a height. In sanitary facilities, pockets hung at eye level will help the recipient read the dispenser’s instructions and information regarding health and safety regulations. Meanwhile, pockets placed on baskets in shopping malls will inform about the price of the product. They may contain descriptions, usage instructions, and origin information of the goods.