formedia bydgoszcz projektowanie reklam

Designing individual solutions

Give us the opportunity to help you start your project with the confidence that you are on the right path.

CNC Milling and Cutting

We cut on both customer-supplied and proprietary materials, tackling even the most intricate solutions.
druk na plexi uv

UV Printing

Choose UV printing and experience excellent quality, color durability, and unlimited customization possibilities!
grawerowanie i cięcie laserem

Laser Cutting

Discover the speed, efficiency, and unlimited possibilities of laser cutting. Create unique projects that will capture attention and highlight the excellence of your vision!
grawerowanie w plexi

Laser Engraving

Our laser engraving opens up unlimited possibilities for expressing your creativity.

Bending Plastic Materials

Our advanced plastic bending technology is the foundation of our unparalleled precision
naklejki samoprzylepne

Solvent Printing

Discover the power of solvent printing and transform your ideas into visual masterpieces!

Diamond Polishing

Discover the magic of the glass-like effect with us - let your plastic materials shine in full brilliance!
cięcie i grawerowanie laserem

Ploter cutting

Discover a new dimension of precision and creative freedom with our plotter cutting. With us, your projects will come to life with unparalleled accuracy!
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Plastic Bonding

Trust us if you're looking for a reliable partner for plastic bonding. Our company guarantees durability, precision, and excellence in every connection!

Assembly workshop

Trust our assembly workshop where precision meets punctuality. We bring your dreams of a perfectly assembled project to life!