Advertising boards

They serve an informational and advertising function. An advertising sign is an elegant and eye-catching form of external and internal advertising. It is often placed above the entrance or shop window, primarily serving an informative purpose. At Formedia, we create this medium by customizing the shape and design to meet the client’s expectations, always taking into account the specific location where the sign is to be placed. To improve visibility, external and internal lighting can be applied depending on the project and materials used in the construction. Signs come in various shapes and are made from materials such as composite panels, Plexiglas, and polycarbonate at Formedia.

Advertising Boards

Advertising boards are flat forms that serve an informational function. They are categorized based on the material they are made from and the location of installation. External advertising boards are forms of advertising found in shops and service points, often used to provide information about opening hours, directions to the entrance or company, and parking. There are also directional signs, such as arrow-shaped boards, guiding customers to the right place. Enamel or engraved official boards also serve an informational function. Internal advertising boards are suitable for offices, restaurants, and service points, designed to convey important information and emphasize the brand.

Foamed PVC Signs and Boards

Foamed PVC creates a hard and smooth surface, laminated with monomeric foil. This material works well for various types of signs and boards, both indoors and outdoors, and comes in sheets of different thicknesses, ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm. Foamed PVC from Bydgoszcz is lightweight, easy to process, and resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Composite Panel Signs and Boards

Composite panels are very rigid and distortion-resistant materials consisting of two layers of aluminum bonded together with a layer of polyethylene foam. They are used to create signs, logos, plaques, and dimensional letters, utilizing brushed or painted aluminum in various colors.

Plexiglas and Polycarbonate Signs and Boards

Plexiglas and polycarbonate, also known as acrylic sheets, come in various color versions – opaque (opal), transparent, or tinted. These rigid sheets are often used for various types of signs and boards. They are also applied to finish and enhance dimensional letters as the face of Plexiglas or more durable polycarbonate.