Advertising display

Marking advertising aisles involves creating separate zones for products placed and sorted thematically. They are divided into categories such as lifestyle, needs like food, chemicals, press, alcohol, entertainment, etc. Each aisle is an individual promotional zone. Closed space, for example, with shelves, racks, forming a row of product baskets, tells a completely different story from its neighbor. They can differ in color, with a more or less eye-catching form. This creates a repeating arrangement that achieves harmony and clarity of elements.

Consciously organize

Consciously organizing the interior of a hypermarket involves the deliberate placement of elements designed according to specific guidelines. The composition, color scheme, and forms should be consistent to collectively create the brand image through the use of various media, exhibitions, promotional zones, and merchandising tactics. At Formedia, with our comprehensive service, we can help you operate cohesively with the entire sales concept and your communication goals with customers.

We know what a good display means

At Formedia, we will assist your brand in presenting products and displaying them on store shelves. Properly showcasing products in the market increases sales effectiveness. It is worthwhile to apply specific techniques used in sales psychology. Thanks to them, the customer will forget about time and place, simply being “here and now” in your store.

Effectively and aesthetically

By using appropriate elements of spatial arrangement, you will arouse curiosity and attract customers to the promotional zone. At Formedia, you can combine functional, technical, and artistic elements through the production of suitable product presenters, advertising services, and space decorations.

Advertising displays for products are placed perpendicular or parallel to the main shelf, which creates a wall of products with a common theme. The wall of advertising shelves with products separates a specific zone from the adjacent aisle.