Are you looking for containers for displaying and securely storing small items? Are you seeking a way to have good visibility of your assortment? Do you want to categorize goods by weight in boxes? Are you looking for a suitable shelf container for a trinket store?

Enter our plexiglass product store and find the right container for yourself! The selection is very extensive. You will find, among others,

  • open cubes and containers
  • containers with compartments
  • straw and napkin organizers
  • containers for disposable cups
  • waffle dispensers
  • containers for candies
  • for cookies and rolls

Containers to Your dimensions

If you’d like, we can create a custom container specifically for your product and usage needs. Write to and provide us with your guidelines, and we will respond with the best offer. With us, you can buy more affordably, without intermediaries, directly from the Polish manufacturer of plexiglass products.

Elegant presentation and convenient dispensing of goods

Gain a clear presentation of products, harmony in arranging the assortment, and user-friendly dispensing of goods. Thanks to the creation of containers made of material such as plexiglass, they are stylish with a timeless form. Plexi is also known by names like pleksa, pleksi, plexiglas, pmma, or even acrylic glass. It definitely deserves so many designations because it is very malleable in processing, and shapes once taken through it retain their form. Products made from it are lightweight, durable, and elegant. They are characterized by high aesthetic quality and ease of maintenance. They exhibit great transparency when using clear plexiglass. Visually, it can be easily mistaken for glass.

How strong are plexiglass containers?

If you’re asking yourself the above question, it means that when ordering plexiglass containers at Formedia, they are solidly made from the highest quality materials such as cast plexiglass and cast polycarbonate. We also use a very similar and super-strong material called Polisas Sun. Black magic? Not at all! These are types of plastic that we have perfected in terms of processing. The boxes can feature dividers, compartments of various heights, flaps that, in addition to their functional purpose, also reinforce the structure. Plexiglass containers are made from original designs. We always prioritize usability, as well as the durability of the structure. We take into account various options for its assembly. We choose the best one and refine it to perfection.

What to store in plexiglass containers?

Plexiglass containers are made of high-quality material that has all the necessary certifications allowing it to come into contact with food. Plexiglass trays work perfectly as containers for bulk products, whether they are food, chemicals, or pet food. They can be used to store goods sold by weight or by piece. We manufacture containers in any size, shape, with any number of compartments, both open and with a closing option. We are a manufacturer of plexiglass containers, offering a wide range of applications in retail, service businesses, or anywhere storage and protection of products are necessary. They are excellent organizers and dispensers not only in stores but also in restaurants, hotels, bars, pharmacies, offices, and at cash registers.

Container with a logo

Are you looking for a plexiglass container with your company logo? Do you want to emphasize your brand? Do you understand the need for frequent display of the trademark so that customers will better remember the services and subconsciously associate themselves with the brand? Evoke positive emotions in them! Subconsciously attach buyers to your logo and make them come back to you for goods and services. After all, that’s what you want. By ordering a plexiglass container from the Formedia manufacturer, you will receive a personalized product tailored to your needs and expectations. We will refine the shape and color to match the brand of your brand. We will apply the logo or graphics, motto on the cube, container, presenter using UV printing. Thanks to this procedure, you will achieve the best quality graphics that will be durable, not wear out, and will not fade over time during use. Order now a product with UV printing at, and we will provide an individual valuation and present the method of its implementation.