Cuboids made of plexiglass

Do you need an elegant container for your products? Want to enhance your store display? Try practical plexiglass cuboids with versatile applications. You can use them to store items, display individual pieces and weights, organize space in your workplace, or turn them upside down to creatively showcase current promotions. In our store, we have ready-made plexiglass cubes for you. Do you need a specific size, shape, or color? Order a custom container tailored to your needs. Email us at Acrylic pedestals and crates, such as cubes, have a wide range of uses in the trade, hospitality, office work, and largely depend on your creativity. They can serve as a base, wall shelf, hanging cabinet, or even a standalone decoration for a room. They are also suitable for storing delicate dried flowers in a florist shop. They can be dispensers for scarves, stockings, or socks in a clothing store. Fill them with candies, lollipops, or bulk goods, and create a self-service arrangement in the supermarket. Placed upside down or on their sides, they will beautifully present footwear, while bags and cosmetics placed on them will be visible from a distance. Cubes are also perfect for offices, where, used as pull-out crates, they help organize small items on shelves.

When buying from Formedia, you will gain a product of the highest quality. We guarantee durability and precise craftsmanship with attention to detail. You can find transparent containers, plastic, colorless, and white cubes in our assortment. We offer a rich variety of cube sizes, suitable for placing on a desk or hanging on a wall. They can be personalized using UV printing and logo engraving. Depending on the purpose, it can be a standalone product, a presenter as part of a larger exhibition, or an illuminated exhibition cube.

Clear Plexiglass Cubes

Would you like to decorate your room or need a bookshelf? Transparent mini showcases in the form of colorless acrylic cubes will perfectly suit your needs. You can use them to create a unique decoration, exhibition arrangement, organize space and products, or store the assortment of a store neatly. Colorless plexiglass cubes are excellent for presenting and dispensing various small items by weight or by piece. Are you running a store? Using a colorless cube is a great idea. Fill it with candies, cookies, lollipops, or bulk goods. This way, you will easily showcase your product, provide easy access, and dispense it. The materials used to make colorless cubes are food contact certified. Additionally, they are completely transparent, with nearly invisible joints. You can observe their filling at all times and replenish them as needed. Visit our website > and check our offer of transparent plexiglass cubes.

Colored Plexiglass Cubes

Are you looking for a container for accessories, cards, or pens? You’ve come to the right place! As a manufacturer of plexiglass products, we offer professionally made boxes at a low price. They are perfect for the office. Made of frosted and black plexiglass. The color of frosted plexiglass is a warm shade of white. Its advantage is the possibility of illumination. Turn the cube upside down, insert LED lights into it, and place your product on top to create an unusual arrangement in the store window or in its exhibition part. The black plexiglass cube also has its own class. It looks elegant, making it ideal as a store or office presenter. The high gloss of the material attracts the attention of passersby. Your customers will undoubtedly look with interest at the products placed on the black plexiglass cube, which will serve as a suitable pedestal for them. See our offer of ready-made white plexiglass cubes > here and black plexiglass cubes > here and choose the perfect product for you.

Our plexiglass cubes will find applications in many exhibitions and displays. This is also an ideal idea for showcasing products in larger retail chains or in offices and bureaus. They are not suitable for filling with liquids or water. They are designed for dry items, and the size can be adjusted to the cube’s proportions. Plexiglass trays are available in many colors and sizes, allowing us to tailor them to the customer’s needs. Using plexiglass boxes will undoubtedly make our work easier in the office, at school, or in administrative institutions. They will also work well as furniture for stands and pedestals. There is the possibility of applying any graphics to the boxes. Write to us at and order cubes tailored to your needs.