Enclosures made of plexiglass

Looking for a manufacturer of plexiglass machine parts and covers? As a producer of plexiglass products, we specialize in making plexiglass enclosures for various types of devices or machines. Mechanisms operating in the machinery park require professional protection to increase the safety of the operators. Well-selected shapes and parameters guarantee full functionality and aesthetics. Machine enclosures made of plexiglass are stronger than glass. By ordering our enclosures, you ensure increased safety for your employees. We make our enclosures to individual orders through sklep@formedia.pl. The price for cutting depends on the length of the cutting line and the thickness of the material being cut. Just contact us, provide the dimensions of the cover, and we will prepare the best offer for you.

Acrylic enclosures can take any form while maintaining high durability and excellent appearance for several years. This solution is ideal for companies, manufacturers, as well as users and operators of industrial and printing machines. We have a wide range of plexiglass equipment products for offices, retail networks, and all places where services are provided. Products offered by Formedia are made with great attention to product quality, functionality, and aesthetics. One of the clear advantages of plexiglass is the ability to shape it according to your preferences during thermal processing. Therefore, we are ready for any proposals from our clients. Write to us at sklep@formedia.pl and describe what you need. Our customer service department will respond with the best solution proposal.