Lecterns made of plexiglass

Looking for plexiglass lecterns? See what we have to offer! Plexiglass lecterns are perfect for various public events, conferences, banquets, or other special occasions, thereby enhancing the prestige of any public appearance. The use of transparent plexiglass for the product’s construction makes the structure appear lightweight, and during speeches, the lectern is very elegant and stable. Acrylic lecterns are made using laser technology, allowing for cutting any shape and size. The possibility of UV printing easily allows us to place the company logo, city coat of arms, or any other type of graphics on them. Technological capabilities allow us to make plexiglass lecterns upon special request in other plexiglass colors or they can be combined with other materials such as dibond. Therefore, we have unlimited possibilities regarding shape, graphics, and the technical capabilities of the Formedia manufacturer’s machine park allow us to tailor the offer to your individual needs. Depending on the design, the lecterns are additionally reinforced with small screws. Thanks to this solution, we are not afraid to move them behind the counter. Lectern shipping always takes place on a pallet. In the Formedia offer, we have several ready-made models of lecterns, pulpits made of plexiglass. They are always priced individually because together with the customer, we discuss their final form, thickness, and type of material, and method of personalization. Choose the most attractive design for yourself and write to us at sklep@formedia.pl how you would like to mark it. Personalization is done using UV printing, engraving, or complete labeling with a printed sticker. Each of these methods is impressive and gives the plexiglass lectern a unique character.

Looking for a lectern with the coat of arms of the city, municipality, or province? With us, you can do it! Order a lectern directly from the manufacturer for a conference, a public event featuring personalities. Our clients include city offices, municipal offices, larger event and training companies. Podiums made of plexiglass made for them add a solemn character to the event. Mounted shelves on the leg of the lectern will allow you to control your emotions during the performance. You will be able to easily reach for notes placed on the shelf. Additionally, we can drill holes in the counter, thanks to which your sound operator will be able to hide all cables if you do not have a wireless microphone. The entire lectern construction from Formedia looks very elegant. Thanks to the use of thick plexiglass, even up to 10 mm thick, the solid looks like it’s made of glass. However, it is much lighter and stronger. There is no risk of damaging the material during transportation. Acrylic lecterns will certainly serve you for many performances.

Lecterns personalized with UV printing

Do you need a durable and impressive solution for a plexiglass lectern? Order UV printing. Thanks to this, you will gain a durable color, resistant to external factors, the print of the logo and any graphics. Inscriptions, e.g. with your www, will be sharp and clear. They will not change over time.

Lecterns personalized with engraving

Are you considering a classic plexiglass lectern? Maintain its colorless glass imitation character. Place your logo by engraving, and you will gain subtle, unobtrusive brand emphasis. A toned-down plexiglass lectern with engraving will certainly fit into any type of scenery.

Lecterns personalized with stickers

Do you want a lectern with a shelf? An excellent method to cover the legs of the speaker and notes on the shelf is to use a sticker. It can give the lectern a uniform color or, when printed with the event’s motto, it will emphasize its theme, sponsor, or conducting institution. Send us your graphics in the message, and we will visualize the selected pattern from our store, from the section of plexiglass lecterns.

Lecterns personalized with glued plexiglass letters

Opt for an unconventional look for the lectern. Who said it has to be made only of one color or type of material? On the front of the lectern, we can glue cut plexiglass of a different thickness and UV-printed logo. Introduce some dynamics to your scene with a lectern with spatial inscriptions. Intrigue the audience with what you have to say and how you convey it.