Machine guards

You have an extensive machinery park and want to enhance the safety of your employees? Do you need semi-finished products made of Plexiglas or parts for machine guards? With us, you can commission the production of parts for a specific model of effective protection at Machine guards are most often made from crack-resistant, non-flammable polycarbonate or SUN polycast. Due to their properties, they are much safer than traditional Plexiglas. To create an acrylic part for a machine, we need to know the exact parameters to which we must tailor the guard. Before undertaking a larger order, specialists in plastic processing from Formedia often visit the client personally to take necessary measurements. If possible, we disassemble the Plexiglas window and create subsequent ones based on its pattern. A colorless machine guard can be made from a single plane of material, but it can also be bent or glued. To order a machine guard, write a message to, in which you precisely describe what you need. Our team will surely respond with a proposal for a specific solution, along with a quote and an estimated delivery time.

The series of Plexiglas guards and protections are designed for manufacturers and users of industrial and printing machines. We offer you a wide range of Plexiglas equipment products for offices, retail networks, and all service-related locations. Products offered by Formedia are made of a material interchangeably called Plexa, Plexi, Plexiglas, PMMA, or even acrylic glass. This material is characterized by high aesthetic quality, ease of cleanliness maintenance, high transparency, and durability. When creating unique solutions using Plexiglas, we have almost unlimited possibilities.

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