Advertising Composite

Advertising composite panels are innovative sheets with a sandwich panel structure, characterized by lightness, rigidity, durability, and aesthetics, ideal for various applications. Constructed with two external aluminum layers and a low-density polyethylene (LD-PE) core, often in black color, these panels offer comprehensive solutions for the advertising industry. Their unique construction, based on the combination of layers using advanced chemical and mechanical methods, ensures exceptional resistance to delamination, raising standards for durability and quality in this product category.


Advertising composite panels stand out with exceptional properties that make them an excellent choice for various advertising applications. Their construction provides high rigidity, flatness, and dimensional stability, guaranteeing durable and aesthetic results in final projects. Additionally, the relatively low weight of the panels makes them easy to handle and install, translating into user convenience.

Advertising composite panels are resistant to weather conditions, influencing their long-lasting durability. They seamlessly cope with temperature changes, providing a wide range of temperature applications from -50°C to 80°C. Their low thermal expansion compared to other synthetic materials further emphasizes the material’s stability.

The absence of delamination issues confirms the reliability of advertising composite panels. Available in a wide range of colors, finishes, surface structures, and formats, they allow customization to individual preferences and project needs. Ease of processing and installation using standard tools makes them a convenient and efficient solution.

Moreover, advertising composite panels offer the possibility of creating three-dimensional shapes through 3D processing, allowing for creative and unique advertising projects. Additionally, there is an option for digital printing and screen printing, enabling personalization and adaptation to the specifics of each advertising project.


Advertising composite panels are a versatile material, ideal for both indoor and optional outdoor applications, depending on surface finish and usage conditions. They perform exceptionally well in various advertising areas, providing reliable solutions.

Flat advertising surfaces, advertising carriers, signs and information boards, as well as communication markings made from composite panels, ensure durability and aesthetics. They are also perfect for trade show booth construction, exhibition displays, and stands in retail spaces, creating impressive and functional environments.

Panels, elements for illuminated advertising carriers, and advertising pylons made from composite panels serve as excellent mediums for attracting customer attention. This material also blends well with interior design and shop layout, creating unique and stylish solutions in retail space decoration.

Advertising composite panels are also used in the production of partition walls, cladding, furniture, and as a printing substrate in graphic advertising. Thanks to digital and screen printing capabilities, they allow for creative personalization and adaptation to each advertising project.