Foamed PCW

Foamed PCW sheets are innovative semi-finished products that enjoy immense popularity in today’s world. They find broad applications in various sectors such as advertising, construction, and industry. Thanks to advanced techniques of free foaming and extrusion, these sheets are lightweight while maintaining impressive durability and sufficient rigidity. Their internal structure features a regular arrangement of closed cells, creating a smooth and hard surface.

Standard foamed PCW sheets have a matte finish, but there are also variants with a hardened surface, which may have one or two-sided glossy finishes. They are primarily produced in white, but versions colored throughout the mass are also available, allowing for use in different colors. This versatile solution is adapted to diverse needs and aesthetics in projects.


Foamed PCW sheets stand out due to a range of desirable properties, making them an attractive choice for many applications. Their high resistance to chemicals, although impressive, requires caution when in contact with acetone, ketones, ethers, esters, as well as aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. An additional advantage is their self-extinguishing property, contributing to increased safety. These sheets also exhibit good thermal insulation and low heat conduction, making them effective in various conditions.

Moreover, this material has high soundproofing and low water absorption, which is essential in applications requiring protection against moisture. Excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, excluding intense exposure to sunlight, makes it versatile for outdoor applications. Non-toxicity is another beneficial aspect from a safety perspective.

Additionally, these sheets demonstrate excellent mechanical properties, making them durable and more resistant to damage. Despite these characteristics, their relatively low weight compared to other materials makes them light and easy to handle. Their uniform, smooth surface is well-suited for various processing techniques, such as printing, painting, laminating, or applying foil. An additional advantage is the economical mechanical processing with commonly available tools and simple thermal processing, making foamed PCW sheets an attractive choice in terms of production efficiency. Standard processing includes hot bending, vacuum forming, screen printing, digital printing, drilling, milling, die-cutting, gluing, guillotine cutting, and laminating.


Foamed PCW sheets are used in various fields, offering lightweight and durable solutions. They are ideal for producing lightweight and durable signs and spatial letters. Additionally, they work exceptionally well for creating signs, information boards, and evacuation markings. They are also used as displays (POS/POP) and undergo digital and screen printing, making them a versatile material in advertising and promotion.

Foamed PCW sheets perform exceptionally well in the design and creation of industrial models, allowing for precise detailing. They are also used for the production of lightweight protective elements for machinery and equipment. In the field of interior design, booth constructions, shops, and service-gastronomic premises, they serve as a construction material, allowing for creative design and adaptation of space to needs.

Furthermore, foamed PCW sheets are used in furniture making, enabling the creation of lightweight, durable, and aesthetic furniture. They are also used in the construction of partition walls, suspended ceilings, and linings for spaces with high humidity. Additionally, they play a role in external cladding of sandwich panels and as fillings for door and window joinery, providing durability and effective thermal insulation.