or High Impact Polystyrene, represents an innovative variation of polystyrene (PS), enhanced by the addition of butadiene rubber. This lightweight material (density of 1.06 g/cm³) stands out with remarkable impact resistance, excellent thermoforming capabilities, and doesn’t require pre-drying. Thanks to these properties, HIPS allows for the molding of even intricate spatial structures. However, it’s important to note that HIPS is not UV-resistant, making it advisable for short-term outdoor use. To extend its lifespan in outdoor conditions, an option is available to order a version with added UV stabilizer, but HIPS is primarily recommended for indoor applications.

HIPS sheets excel in industrial and advertising applications, offering a smooth surface available in standard matte/gloss or matte/matte versions. Additionally, a textured surface version can be obtained upon special request, allowing customization to various project needs and aesthetics.


HIPS, characterized by low mass and density at 1.06 g/cm³, is a material that provides exceptional ease in thermoforming and the ability for deep embossing. Its ease of mechanical processing makes it a convenient raw material for various projects. It also exhibits good chemical resistance, enhancing its versatility in industrial applications.

HIPS is further distinguished by good stiffness, impact resistance, and scratch resistance, especially in the case of sheets with structure. A rich color palette resulting from the option for mass coloring opens up possibilities for creative design. This material also allows for printing, increasing its attractiveness for advertising applications.

Moreover, HIPS offers various surface finishes, adapting to diverse project aesthetics and functions. It is worth noting that this material is mainly dedicated to indoor applications, emphasizing its versatility and usefulness in many fields.


HIPS, or High Impact Polystyrene, finds applications in various areas, offering exceptional versatility in creating effective advertising solutions. It is an ideal material for producing promotional and advertising tags that capture customer attention. It is also highly effective in point-of-sale (POS) identification, enabling the creation of clear and attractive informational elements.

In the field of arranging exhibition stands, HIPS is an excellent material for construction, allowing the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. It is also used in the production of flat advertising boards, stands, and displays that effectively showcase commercial offerings. Stands for cosmetics, cigarettes, and sweets made from HIPS are lightweight, durable, and visually appealing, contributing to the effective presentation of products.

HIPS is also used in the production of backlit panels, adding a spectacular illumination effect to advertisements and information. In the realm of marketing and promotion, HIPS is employed to create various displays and promotional gadgets, enabling effective reach to audiences and standing out in the crowd.