Solid Polycarbonate

Solid Polycarbonate stands out as an excellent alternative to traditional glass. Its transparency, comparable to glass, comes with half the weight while offering a remarkable 200 times impact resistance. This innovative material is available in various versions to meet diverse expectations.

In its standard form, solid polycarbonate provides an exceptionally lightweight and durable option, especially suitable for industrial applications. However, there is also the option to choose a sheet with additional properties such as hardening, scratch resistance, or even significant flame retardancy. This flexible approach allows the material to be tailored to the specific needs of the project.

Additionally, solid polycarbonate comes in two main versions. The standard version, without UV protection, is mainly used in industrial settings. On the other hand, the version double-protected against harmful UV radiation is dedicated to outdoor applications, ensuring long-lasting durability and clarity even in challenging weather conditions. Choosing solid polycarbonate means investing in modern and efficient solutions that combine excellent quality with the exceptional properties of the material.


Solid polycarbonate stands out with exceptional properties that make it an ideal solution for various applications. Its very high light transmittance, reaching up to 92% for clear sheets, makes it perfect for projects where clarity is a crucial element. At the same time, solid polycarbonate is incredibly lightweight, characterized by a specific weight that is twice as low as that of glass, facilitating handling and installation.

Not only its lightweight nature but also its rigidity and excellent mechanical resistance make solid polycarbonate perform exceptionally well in conditions requiring durability. Additionally, this material exhibits good thermal insulation, making it an effective thermal insulator. Its resistance to weather conditions and a wide range of applicable temperatures (from -40 to +120°C) render it reliable in diverse environments.

Moreover, solid polycarbonate offers unlimited shaping possibilities, allowing for thermoforming, cold and hot bending. This processing flexibility enables the adaptation of the material to various projects, both in functional and aesthetic aspects. By choosing solid polycarbonate, you invest in a material that combines exceptional durability, excellent optical properties, and versatile applications.


Solid polycarbonate, as a versatile material with exceptional properties, finds applications in various areas. Its excellent transparency and durability make it a perfect material for protective covers of machinery and equipment in the industry, ensuring effective protection.

In the field of safety, solid polycarbonate is used for the production of face shields, police shields, helmets, and headgear, providing not only protection but also comfort during wear. Creative applications of this material also include filling stair and balcony railings, creating aesthetic and durable architectural elements.

Further applications encompass canopies and roofing, where solid polycarbonate provides not only protection against weather conditions but also aesthetic and transparent solutions. In the realm of advertising and promotion, solid polycarbonate excels in advertising boards, signs, and acoustic screens, offering clarity and durability.

In interior design, solid polycarbonate becomes a material for partition walls, suspended ceilings, and decorative elements, allowing the creation of functional and aesthetic spaces. Even in specific applications, such as ballot boxes, solid polycarbonate proves its versatility, combining aesthetics with functionality.