Plexiglass dividers

Allow yourself to advertise in every available space. Utilize plexiglass strips, shelf separators, and cash dividers for this purpose. They will help you organize your assortment, highlight discounts, bring new products to the forefront, organize goods on the checkout counter, and separate orders from individual customers. Plexiglass separators serve as an interesting and practical medium for information that you can use to your advantage! With them, you can easily convey advertising values and product information. The primary task of plexiglass separators at the checkout is to organize and separate the items of individual customers. Standing in line, customers will certainly reach for them and notice their appearance. You can include on them a message printed with UV printing, such as “thank you for shopping! welcome again”, “next customer”, “register closed”, provide your website or QR code with a promotional offer and the latest brochure. Separators made by Formedia are modern, elegant acrylic cash and shelf dividers. They combine functionality with high aesthetic quality. Durable, strong, they do not bend or fade. You can place any graphic on them through UV printing, engraving method, or inserting a sheet into it. It all depends on which model you order. Describe your separator type at

We specialize in producing separators for the cash zone and shelves. Most of us do not even realize how important a well-arranged store shelf is, which influences subconscious decisions when choosing products. A well-designed and executed arrangement will be appreciated by customers, and consequently, lead to better sales. Separators for shelves from Formedia are made using laser technology, allowing for cutting any shape and size, and the possibility of UV printing to apply the graphic of your choice. Therefore, we have unlimited graphic possibilities, and the wide variety of assortment allows us to tailor the offer to your individual needs. Plexiglass separators are most commonly used in pharmacies or grocery stores. They are very solid and aesthetically made.