Plexiglass stands

Looking for a practical stand made of clear plexiglass for leaflets? Need a versatile stand for menus, brochures, instructions, or prices? You’ve come to the right place! We have the largest selection of acrylic stands in Poland. Buy brochure holders and poster stands from us. Designed for both single and double-sided displays. We make them from high-quality transparent, clear, milky-white, and black plexiglass. The timeless design is very user-friendly and ensures intuitive mounting of promotional materials. Plexiglass stands are designed to provide the best presentation of promotional materials.

Choosing leaflet stands from the Formedia manufacturer will allow you to present your information and press materials in an original and aesthetic way. Plexiglass stands can be freely used for presenting brochures, catalogs, or leaflets, making them suitable for banks, shops, offices, or other service premises. In addition to the standard products offered, we can also create custom plexiglass stands based on the client’s individual order. Below is a brief description and presentation of selected products available immediately.

It is worth noting that plexiglass displays and leaflet holders are resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric factors. They are much stronger than glass, deceptively similar to it, and much lighter. Plexiglass is a thermoplastic material whose processing we have perfected to perfection. Thanks to its extraordinary properties, plexiglass is a precise, comfortable, and aesthetic advertising technique with which a company has the chance to represent its offers or projects in an interesting way. With us, you will gain a high-quality product made with the highest precision. If you need a custom product or one with a logo imprint, save money by buying it from the Formedia plexiglass product manufacturer. Write to us at, and we will present the most advantageous offer.

Leaflet stands type L

Do you want to know a method for presenting prices or other important information to customers? Are you looking for a classic plexiglass stand? Information stands in the shape of the letter L will be perfect for this. They are suitable for one-sided poster presentation. Models are available in vertical and horizontal versions in sizes A4, A5, A6, A7, DL. L-type leaflet stands are characterized by a wide base, making them stable. They can be used indoors and outdoors, for example, in restaurant gardens. We also have an L-type stand model that can be set up both vertically and horizontally, depending on your needs. Check our plexiglass L-type stand offer here >.

Leaflet stands type T

Do you need a stand for single or double-sided presentation? Do you want to save space on the bar or counter? Or maybe you need to prominently display the price or poster in a shop window? T-type stands will be perfect for this. They feature a pocket standing at a right angle to the base, all made from a single sheet of acrylic glass. The base has balanced proportions, providing stability to the stand. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are often placed on tables in pizzerias or restaurants, displaying menus or leaflets. Check our plexiglass T-type stand offer here >.

Leaflet stands type A

Do you need a universal plexiglass stand for double-sided presentation? We offer one of the most commonly used presenters for descriptions, price tags, vignettes, and nametags during conferences. They are also suitable as information stands in banks and pharmacies. In stores, they make it easier to indicate current promotions, discounts, promotional, and informational materials. Easily communicate your message to the customer.

Leaflet stands with screws

Can a leaflet dispenser be elegant? Of course! We recommend our ready-made acrylic stands with decorative metal screws. Meticulously crafted presenters and leaflet holders emphasize the prestige of your company. Shiny metal inserts look stylish in combination with smooth acrylic glass. Additionally, to further emphasize elegance, we can print or engrave your logo on the front pocket of a clear stand.

Price tags made of plexiglass

Looking for a small plexiglass stand to display prices in a showcase or on a store shelf? Try acrylic price tags for the store. Insert a leaflet, product description, or price into them and enjoy the freedom of conveying information. Practical mini plexiglass stands, for repeated use, work well when placed on shelves and in refrigerators. Maintaining the appropriate profile of the presenter in the shape of the letter L ensures proper visibility of the information contained in them. Try our store gadgets and ensure that your message is maximally readable.

Business card holders made of plexiglass

Looking for an advertising gift idea for customers? Perhaps you run a point of sale or service and want to make it easier for customers to contact you? Opt for personalized plexiglass business card holders straight from the manufacturer. We offer the largest collection of business card stand models in Poland. Available designs for name tags in vertical and horizontal formats will work great as a plexiglass gift or for presenting business cards on your desk or counter. Thanks to an interesting form, you encourage the interlocutor to take your contact with them.

Leaflet stands with a colored base

Extremely interesting solutions for placing menus, prices, mini posters, and information for yourself. Plexiglass pockets for double-sided presentation to be placed on a table, desk, or counter. The colorful base made of black, clear, or white material is an ideal place to print your company’s logo or slogan. Imagine a leaflet stand with a leaflet on a black or white glossy reflective base. It looks very stylish and elegant. This type of menu, price, and instruction presentation will certainly fit into your interior and be its perfect complement.

Leaflet stands with a wooden base

The trendiest stands that fit into the eco style, rustic, and modern trends are a combination of clear acrylic and wood. They work perfectly in a restaurant as a double-sided menu presentation. The print is inserted into a transparent pocket. You can mark your company’s sign on the wooden base by printing or engraving the logo, slogan, or advertising motto. Wooden stands are ideal for placing menus in a restaurant on tables. They are commonly used for presenting photos in a gallery and for advertising arrangements, descriptions, e.g., in a museum exhibition, home appliances and electronics store assortment. In stores, they are used for detailed product descriptions and as stylish price tags.

Cascade leaflet stands

Do you need a presenter for simultaneously dispensing several types of leaflets? Gain a plexiglass stand with multiple pockets set up cascadingly. It takes up little space and facilitates the presentation of advertising on several levels. Thanks to the stepped arrangement of compartments, selected types of leaflets will not obstruct each other. We offer sturdy and elegant plexiglass stands with two, three, or four pockets in a format tailored to your press materials. They are made of shiny plexiglass imitating glass. The connections are almost invisible. On the front pocket, we can print or engrave your logo.

Stands and boards with leaflet pockets

Freestanding informational boards are a practical solution. Gain space to organize work, distribute brochures, business cards, vouchers, postcards, or a promotional stand with leaflets. Our models of stands with plexiglass pockets will certainly find a place in your office, shop, waiting room, pharmacy, travel agency, etc. We will print your logo, slogan on them. The stable construction is suitable for use both indoors and in open urban space. Gain the convenience of dispensing leaflets, allowing every interested person to freely take POS materials on the topic that interests them.

Acrylic stands with a logo

Do you run a business that has frequent contact with customers? Use it to your advantage and turn it into self-promotion. Wondering how to do it? It’s simple. Label all the gadgets you use with the company logo, slogan, or corporate motto. UV printed graphics or engraved logos will be perfect for this. Write to us at and provide a link from the plexiglass product store, and we will estimate, visualize, and make a plexiglass stand for leaflets tailored to your needs.

Stands in A4, A5, A6, A7, DL formats

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to browse our range of ready-made plexiglass stands. We have divided them into groups based on the most frequently purchased sizes. These include, among others, A4 leaflet stands, A5 plexiglass presenters, A6 dispensers, A7 price tags, DL menu stands. If you don’t find a model for yourself, write to us at and describe exactly what you need, and we will estimate, visualize, and create the perfect plexiglass stand for you. As a manufacturer, we produce wholesale quantities of acrylic stands at attractive prices.