Price strips made of plexiglass

Ensure the aesthetic presentation of prices. By using plexiglass price shields, your store will be perceived as professional. Communicate to customers that, just as you pay attention to displaying prices, you also prioritize the highest quality of the offered merchandise. Bring order to the arrangement of your goods by utilizing plexiglass price holders. Well-made shelf price strips also serve as excellent information carriers. You can use them as a source of advertising and a way to make your brand memorable. We are a Polish manufacturer of store equipment accessories. It is possible to produce strips with UV printing, engraving, or in a specific shape or dimension at

We produce shelf liners, acrylic shelf accessories made of durable and flexible PVC material with a thickness of 0.8 mm. We also create shorter price tags made of clear plexiglass bent into a pocket. These strips are coated with double-sided adhesive tape along their entire length for quick and durable installation. The standard lengths of PVC strips are 60, 80, and 100 cm. PVC is a material that can be easily cut with scissors to any dimension. Plexiglass pockets typically have a fixed length for price tags.

A strip is an essential element in every grocery store, allowing you to permanently and clearly mark product prices. They play a significant role at the crucial moment when customers make purchasing decisions, encouraging them to reach for the desired product on the shelf. The price shields we produce are durable, allowing for easy insertion and replacement of information when needed. The universal design blends seamlessly into any shelf arrangement and suits all industries with brick-and-mortar sales.