Can’t find the right mini shelf or plexiglass display case for your store products? Plexiglass shelves are well-represented on the counter in the store to advertise the product.

They help organize space and serve as an excellent promotional gadget. It can display a small assortment that you want to highlight among other products. Additionally, they can have plexiglass pockets attached to the side walls for brochures or business cards.

Elegantly and thoughtfully

Gain space and freedom while working in the office. An acrylic organizer will work perfectly for this purpose. Place a mini shelf made of clear plexiglass on your desk and organize all your supplies in it, such as a stapler, pens, and sticky notes.

Hospitality and Gastronomy Industry

Plexiglass shelves are reliable in hotels and restaurants. Placed on the bar or coffee table, they can accommodate sweets and desserts on multi-tiered shelves. In a bakery, it can serve as a shelf for small pastries such as cookies and doughnuts.

Where Else?

You can also use a clear miniature shelf to organize the assortment in an electronics or cosmetics store, as well as with various trinkets. Shelves have a wide range of applications during various types of exhibitions. We also offer display cases with shelves and mini shelves with drawers. They are also perfect as presentation containers.

Trust Us

We create illuminated acrylic glass display cases that look great in retail, office, and hotel room arrangements. Order your plexiglass shelf tailored to your needs in terms of size and form. Write to us at, and we will design and present the best solution for you.

Plexiglass shelves are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, allowing for an attractive presentation of their contents. We recommend them for boutiques in shopping centers, offices, or pastry shops. The plexiglass shelf is perfect for showcasing small, exclusive items such as cosmetics, stationery, jewelry, watches, and leather goods. The shelf is lockable to secure items from theft. It is made from material certified for contact with food items. In Formedia, our acrylic shelves are divided into groups such as: shelves with shelves, shelves with drawers, shelves with unconventional shapes, and shelves with personalization through printed toppers. Order your ideal mini shelf now at

Mini Plexiglass Shelves with Shelves

We have elegant shelves that will surely satisfy you! Ideal as a shelf for small items in your store, it can be used for sorting and highlighting the promoted assortment. We recommend mini stands with shelves, especially designed as product stands. The cabinet, along with its contents, will also serve as a great decoration on the store shelf. It can function well in the kitchen as a spice organizer, and you can use it to showcase collector’s items. Made from the best materials, certified for food contact, you can use the shelf with shelves in a confectionery, restaurant, or bakery. Its timeless and versatile design will certainly fit into the interiors of stores, pharmacies, hotels, receptions, and waiting rooms.

Mini Plexiglass Shelves with Drawers

Are you looking for shelves that will meet your requirements? We offer stylish plexiglass shelves that are tailored to your needs. Selected models also have pockets on the side where you can place leaflets and informational brochures. The shelf with drawers will help you organize space and be an excellent organizer for small items. It will work well for cosmetics as a mini vanity. You can use it in the bathroom to store personal hygiene products. It also serves as an organizer for office supplies. You can also use it to sort papers or sheets. The acrylic glass they are made of is certified for food contact, which is valuable for use in the food industry. Especially for you, we will create a custom design tailored to your needs.

Mini Plexiglass Shelves with a Non-Conventional Shape

Harness your promotional potential and create a custom acrylic shelf at Formedia tailored to your product. Convenient shelves for accessing merchandise and a sturdy clear structure will seamlessly integrate with your offerings. Together, they will serve as an excellent promotional display on the counter or store shelf. Contact us at and invest in self-promotion. Are you running an advertising agency? Have you won a tender and are looking for an executor for your project? We are at your disposal!

Mini Shelves with Topper and Personalization

Planning a promotion and need product shelves for it? Utilize every space for your promotion. Turn every item to your advantage. With the unique form of the acrylic shelf topped with a topper, you’ll make your product name and logo more visible, and therefore more quickly remembered. We cut out any shapes along the outline. We’re not limited to just rectangular toppers, and the UV-light-cured print will remain vivid for many years.