Looking for a way to emphasize the value and uniqueness of luxury goods? Want to showcase your key product in a distinctive way? Your prestigious products deserve an extraordinary presentation! Highlight their aesthetic qualities, underscore their value, and protect them from touch and dirt by placing them in a dedicated plexiglass display case.

At Formedia, we offer a ready-made selection of plexiglass display cases in our online store. They come in various sizes, ranging from cubes of 10x10x10 cm to medium-sized ones of 30×30 cm. Need something larger or a display case with customization?

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The display cases we manufacture are elegant and meticulously crafted. We have perfected the method of bonding the material, making it nearly invisible on transparent plastic. We have produced mini display cases in larger quantities with the client’s brand logo, often ordered for presenting small jewelry items, watches, expensive bracelets, gold earrings, and rings with precious stones. They work exceptionally well in galleries, museums, and exhibitions for showcasing exhibits. In high-end cosmetic stores, they display premium cosmetics, creams, and perfumes.

Concerned about food contact?

The material we use for our display cases, plexiglass, has received approval for food contact, which is an undeniable advantage. This allows the use of these mini display cases in grocery stores, bakeries, and confectioneries. You can confidently use them in cafes and restaurants as well. Place a closed cube on the counter, table, bar, or shop window and present your offered cakes, cupcakes, desserts, and other delights. This will not only make them appetizing but also protect them from drying out too quickly. Thanks to the removable cubic top, you can quickly open and serve the ordered dish.

Exhibits, models?

Plexiglass display cases are excellent for collectors and modeling enthusiasts. They provide ideal protection for exhibits and models against dust, preserving the harmony and clarity of the display on the shelf. Presented items will remain untouched and pleasing for many years.

For almost 20 years, we have been producing various types of plexiglass display cases. Therefore, we can offer our customers both very large and even the smallest display cases at reasonable prices. We propose standard plexiglass display cases or custom-made ones according to individual projects that meet technical requirements, with the inclusion of the company’s logo or informational plaques. You can choose a version with or without lighting. Plexiglass display cases are highly aesthetic and functional, allowing you to present their contents attractively. They find the most significant application in museums, galleries, exhibitions, or offices.

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