Store Equipment

Every owner of their own service and retail point understands perfectly well how important interior equipment and proper marking of individual store zones are: promotional zone, showcase, indoor display, hot-shop, commercial stand. Introducing division brings order, harmony, consistency of message with simultaneous emphasis on the brand. A different message will be at the end of the store, and yet another at the entrance. At Formedia, we can create from your project or your own, tailored to the specific brand, the individual elements of sales zone exposure described below.

Conscious organization of the hypermarket interior is characterized by purposeful placement of elements, designed according to appropriate guidelines. The composition, color scheme, forms should be consistent so as to create the brand image together through the use of various media, exhibitions, promotional zones, and merchandising tactics. At Formedia, thanks to comprehensive service, we can help you operate consistently with the entire sales concept and your assumptions about communicating with customers.

We carry out implementations from client projects. When there is such a need, for example, under time pressure, we also support from the design side, whether in preparing files for printing or in projects from scratch. In such cases, we design all elements to be consistent with the message of the brand. We select appropriate durable and spectacular materials, we match the color scheme to the brand’s color palette so that the entire order is as consistent as possible with the communication assumptions. It is very important that all interior marking elements define one character, the company’s mission, values, and goals communicated by its services.

Shelf and Rack Signage

At Formedia, we can assist your brand in presenting products and displaying them on store shelves and racks. Proper product presentation in the market will increase sales effectiveness. It’s worth applying certain techniques used in sales psychology. Thanks to them, the customer will forget about time and place, simply being “here and now” in your store.

Store shelves are read like books from left to right, from the top of the shelf to its bottom. Similarly, we divide them into chapters – sales departments, titles – thematic zones, and verses – zones of individual products.

By using appropriate elements of spatial arrangement, you will evoke curiosity, stopping the customer in the promotional zone. At Formedia, you will combine functional, technical, and visual elements through Formedia-made product presenters, advertising services, and space decorations.

Ad Hangings

One of the larger forms of shelf display advertising. Placed at the top of shelves to create their crown. They often serve as informational displays, referring to, for example, a lifestyle.

Topper Ads

A promotional panel placed above product shelves.

Price Tags

Designed for placing product descriptions such as name, price, and sometimes also its composition. This provides customers with clear information about the costs they will incur and exactly which product the information pertains to. We offer a wide range of price tags made of plexiglass.

Shelf Scripts and Shelf Talkers

Information boards about the product directly mounted next to it. They usually contain specialized information from the manufacturer, such as product model description, operation method, material, power, and usage method.

Shelf and Price Strips

Shelf and price strips, also known as Shelf-liners, are graphic forms placed horizontally along the shelf line. Plexiglass tunnels mounted on the edges of store shelves and racks. At Formedia, we produce various types, shapes, and colors. They can be personalized with dedicated inserts, stickers, or UV printing. They will certainly allow your customers to notice promotions.

Topper Panels

Rectangular, narrow graphic forms placed along the shelf line, separating specific products, manufacturers, or delineating specific promotion zones, etc. They may have built-in hangers supporting the goods. Often used in the sale of light products such as food sachets.

Pallet Wraps and Shelf Blockers

Serve as collective packaging for a particular product displayed on the shelf. These popular frames surround the specific product area on the shelf. They can be aligned with the shelf edge, visible from the front of the display area, or inserted between products, on the edge of the product zone, making them more visible from the side, visible to people walking along the aisle.

Advertising Trays

They serve a dual purpose of separating products from different brands on the shelf and highlighting them appropriately. At Formedia, we mostly make trays from PVC, plexiglass, and polycarbonate. Upon request, we can add shelf stoppers to enhance product visibility.

Kickers, Fishtails, Wobblers

Flat advertising forms that move, sway under the influence of air, and touch the shelf at one point. Graphics are placed on a rigid cardboard backing, cut to shape, mounted on flexible PVC, allowing them to hang freely anywhere on the store shelf. Kickers, fishtails often have cloud-shaped, circular, or simply product-shaped forms. They typically inform about news, sales, and current promotions. Fishtails aim to lead to the purchase of a specific product.

Danglers and Hangers

Spatial, geometric advertising forms, light, and moving with the airflow. They are hung directly above specific products placed, for example, in baskets or in the middle of the aisle where the advertised product is located. The shapes of danglers are personalized from all sides. They typically have a cuboid, cylinder, or inverted cone base facing upward. They can be suspended on flexible hangers, gently moving up and down.

Pikes and Demonstrators

Popular stick advertising, also known as descriptors. At Formedia, made of plexiglass, polycarbonate, and dibond. They can be personalized with UV printing, stickers, engraving, or for self-writing.

Store Aisles

Thematic product zones. Divided into, for example, lifestyle, needs such as food, chemicals, press, alcohol, entertainment, etc. Each aisle is an individual promotional zone. A closed space, for example, with shelves, racks, forming a row of product baskets, telling a completely different story from its neighbor. They may differ in color, more or less eye-catching form. In this way, we create a repeated arrangement that gives the effect of harmony and clarity of elements.


An exhibitor for advertisements, leaflets, and press materials, product cartons. It is a kind of dispenser, feeder. It comes in various shapes and sizes. It may appear as a small dispenser placed on the counter for single-product removal, hanging on the wall, or standing on the floor with several shelves like in popular stands for postcards, magnets, press.

Advertising Exhibitor

Exhibition product for presenting products or promotional materials. It can be a presenter for leaflets, information, but also an exhibitor for products. An exhibition element created in Formedia. The main materials for making exhibitors are plexiglass and polycarbonate.

Advertisement Display

Product exhibitors set perpendicular or parallel to the main shelf, which forms a wall of products with a common theme. The wall of advertising gondolas with products separates a given zone from the adjacent aisle.

Advertisement Stand

Very often used stands, dummy packs raise the standards of both your products and the store’s reception to a higher level. At Formedia, we will make stands tailored to your brand. Our specialists will create a prototype for you to try out the finished products.

Print Pocket

A constant element of display. Poster pockets are very useful for smaller posters, e.g., A5, A4, A3, B1 formats placed directly at a specific sales zone. They serve for quick information exchange, e.g., about the promotion of the day. Very useful when posters need to be changed very often. They help maintain order and have an aesthetic appearance. They come in free-standing one- and two-sided versions, and hanging versions using suction cups, spacers, tape, or simply with a hanging handle.

Leg Frame

One of the permanent elements of the display. Usually used in cash areas, direct customer service, e.g., with a stand with a person providing goods. They have a light and stable construction crowned with a rectangular frame for exchanging posters, usually in small A4 and A5 formats. They come in one- and two-sided versions.

Advertising A-board

A larger informational form available in various variants, e.g., as a board for writing information or an A-board with an aluminum frame for inserting posters. Usually placed in areas where fresh products are sold, e.g., food, or in the direct consumption area in the store.

Promotional Signboard

This signboard can generally inform about the product, encourage viewing, and later purchasing. Its special task is to imprint in the customer’s memory the unique price of the goods and indicate the direct location of the product, e.g., shelf, product basket.

Signage for Advertising Gondolas

These are usually exhibitors set perpendicular or parallel to the main gondola, which forms a wall of products with a common theme. The wall of advertising gondolas with products separates a given zone from the adjacent aisle.

Signage for Advertising Baskets

These are usually plates, poster pockets placed directly on the baskets with goods. For marking areas with baskets, we also use posters with stiffening strips hanging from the top of the display.

Cash Separators, Cash Dividers

Simple messages such as thanking for shopping and encouraging to come again can be included on used cash dividers. Our company can produce cash dividers specially for your brand, which will ensure comfort for your customers during shopping. The cash separator will be precisely made of plexiglass. Personalized with UV printing, stickers, or directly printed on it with UV printing.

Coin Holders

A coin tray stand for change. The stands are made of hard acrylic. They can be colorless or colored. Often personalized with UV printing, stickers from the underside of plexiglass, or with a sliding graphic inside.