UV Printing

Incredible quality and color durability

Discover a new era of printing with our innovative UV technology! Our UV printing services deliver unmatched quality and color durability that captivates and impresses every viewer. Thanks to the unique UV radiation curing method, our prints feature intense, deep colors accurately reproducing every nuance.

Versatility and durability on any surface

UV printing not only ensures beautiful colors but also the ability to print on various surfaces. Our technology allows printing on materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, Dibond, plywood, PVC, and many more.

Powierzchnia stołu: 2500x1260mm

Prędkość: 30m2/h (max)

Matertały: folie, pcv, sklejka, dibond, pleksa, poliwęglan, hips, papier

Warstwa białego: pod/nad CMYK, wybiórczo

Utwardzanie druku: UV led

Max grubość materiału: 10mm