Voting urns

Voting urns play a crucial role in the democratic process, serving as an essential element to ensure the safe and confidential collection of citizens’ votes. These significant ballot boxes form the foundation of fair and transparent elections, providing a symbolic space where society can freely express its will.

Widely used, the voting urns made of polycarbonate stand out not only for their transparency but also for their popularity and practicality. Their lightweight and durable construction makes them a reliable tool, while the transparent walls allow for a clear visibility of the cast votes.

In accordance with the National Electoral Commission

Available in four designs, in line with the guidelines of the National Electoral Commission (PKW), this demonstrates the diversity of the offering, tailored to various needs and preferences.

Convenience and safety

The convenient lid of the urn, allowing for the application of seals, additionally secures the contents, emphasizing the priority of safety in the electoral process. Two sturdy handles facilitate transportation, making them a practical and ergonomic solution for election organizers. The offered voting urns are not only functional tools but also meet aesthetic expectations, providing the necessary infrastructure for the democratic expression of society’s will.