Looking for containers for your store? Want to save space on your office desk? Now it’s easy. Visit our plexiglass product store and explore the range of ready-made containers and trays. These items are crafted from top-quality materials like 2mm and 3mm plexiglass.

Minimalistic Forms of Order

Forms of Binders and Organizers with a Minimalistic Shape. Suitable for both classic and modern interiors. Depending on their purpose, they consist of one, two, or more compartments. Selected models also feature a plastic cover on hinges or a flap with a lock.

Containers designed for sorting and dispensing candies also include a space for a scoop. Plexiglas boxes and dividers from the Polish manufacturer Formedia are perfect for sorting, storing, displaying, and dispensing selected items in your store.

Check out what ready-made products we have in our offer, or write to us at and describe what you need. As a manufacturer, we also fulfill individual orders for companies. They are customized in terms of color, shape, size, with full personalization through methods such as UV printing or engraving.

Your product, your size, your style

We produce boxes in any sizes and shapes. There are no limitations regarding the number of compartments. If you have a product you’d like to showcase and store in a way that emphasizes product exposure, our offer is tailored for you. If you want the plexiglass box to be branded with your logo, it’s easy for us. Send us your logo, and we will apply UV printing in the specified location on the plexiglass organizer.

Additionally, they are made from high-quality material. It holds all the necessary certifications, allowing the material to come into contact with food. Therefore, plexiglass cubes and various types of organizers are suitable for both food and chemical products. In acrylic glass boxes, you can store and perfectly showcase various small items.

These can be candies, cookies, cosmetics, erasers and clips, straws, tissues, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, sweets, toys, soaps, nail polishes, and even scarves, keychains, watches, and many more. It all depends on your need for arranging and organizing the space.

Durable and elegant

We offer a wide range of plexiglass products for storage. This material is also called plexa, pleksi, plexiglas, pmma, or even acrylic glass. Durable and very elegant pockets, presenters, urns, trays, urns, etc. are characterized by high aesthetic quality, ease of maintenance, and great transparency of the material.

When creating unique designs using plexiglass, we have almost limitless possibilities. We are a manufacturer of plexiglass boxes with a wide range of applications in trade, service companies, or anywhere where storage and protection of products are required.