Display Stands

We offer a wide range of POS displays made of cardboard. These are often shelves, promotional walls, stands, displays, columns, boards, packaging, drop boxes, and much more. Cardboard stands are a commonly used solution in many stores, grocery stores, and retail points, often serving as part of exhibition displays.

We apply any graphics to cardboard displays using UV direct printing. Each project is individually executed according to the client’s guidelines and preferences.

Choosing cardboard displays provides unlimited possibilities – we can give any shape, graphics, any number of shelves. As a manufacturer of products in acrylic and PVC, we often combine cardboard stands with materials such as plexiglass or PVC, creating high-quality displays with containers or other decorative elements.

A significant advantage of our cardboard stands is that we deliver them flat-packed, making them very economical for transportation. They can be assembled quickly and without the use of tools.

Floor Displays

Plywood floor displays are mainly used in stores, shopping malls, and service points. They are excellent for running a product promotion campaign due to complete customization and branding of the stand. They help in memorizing the product and its brand.

Countertop Displays

Counter displays made of plywood are the perfect solution for presenting and selling small products, such as food, cosmetics, or textiles. Placed near the cash register, they significantly increase sales by leveraging the customer’s impulsive decision-making.

Pallet Displays

These are large product arrangement forms presented through multiplication. By placing many identical products in one place, we influence their visibility and memorability. They are perfect for creating product zones in smaller stores and effectively draw attention to the promoted product in supermarkets.


Advertising stands for display with a small base compared to their height are known as advertising columns. They can have several levels for products or form a tall structure with pockets for materials such as newspapers. The final effect depends on the presentation goals.


Slim forms, printed advertising walls. Usually designed for double-sided display. Simple advertising carriers creating advertising walls or backdrops. They can have a different base shape – a broken line, an arc, or a geometric shape. They belong to the family of advertising stands.


Pockets, leaflet holders mainly made of plexiglass and polystyrene. They can be standalone forms for presenting press, leaflets, postcards, etc., or as attached dispensers to larger advertising forms such as stands or covers for shop gates.

Drop Boxes

Cardboard drop boxes allow for an interesting display of goods. They can also be easily moved from place to place. They are most commonly used at the checkout area and in all places where the customer comes into direct contact with the product.

Drop boxes are an ideal solution for products that are difficult to arrange on shelves. The bin can be additionally equipped with a shelf.

Cardboard Ballot Boxes

Cardboard voting urns are very economical, easy, and quick to assemble and store. They work well as floor displays, but the top of the stand has a cutout hole. A cardboard voting urn is perfect for promotional campaigns that require filling out and submitting forms, opinions, or votes. They are ideal for use as ballot boxes.

We offer the possibility of making cardboard urns to any size, printed according to the customer’s wishes.

Tasting Tables and Counters

Tables and tasting counters made of plywood most commonly find their application in stores, showrooms, markets, or as part of an exhibition system. We approach each project and implementation individually according to the guidelines and wishes of our customers. All elements are cut using CNC and printed using UV technology.

Custom Projects

Among the POS materials we produce, there are also custom projects made for various industries. These can be exhibition walls, baskets, boxes, stands for leaflets, holiday decorations, animal figurines, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

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