Large format printing

Large format prints are characterized by high-quality, weather-resistant prints. They are used to create content for advertising banners, signs, boards, or billboards—essentially, large-format advertising. At Formedia, we produce large format prints on practically any type of material, with the choice of material depending on the client’s needs. To protect advertising prints from atmospheric factors, we use inks based on organic solvents.

We have Roland solvent printers with print widths of 160cm, 186cm, and 3.2m, ensuring our large format prints are highly durable. We also offer Summa cutting plotters with cutting areas up to 120cm, allowing precise contour cutting. Our services extend to the production of stickers and labels in small quantities, without shape restrictions, dies, or setup costs.


These are massive advertising surfaces with significant promotional potential. They stand out in their surroundings, making it difficult to ignore them, both during the day and at night.


These prints on synthetic materials include outdoor advertising, such as laminated PVC, light-blocking Blockout, and highly durable Ferrari 456g.

Mesh – 300g

A light-transmitting material used on building facades, especially where windows are present. It has reinforced and hemmed edges, is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as wind, and is lightweight, crucial for large-scale printing. The resulting banner is not heavy, reducing the strain on the structure it is placed on. Its structure allows for covering entire building facades or scaffolding structures.

Large Format Posters

Posters remain one of the most popular and essential advertising mediums. For large format printing, poster orders are often placed to attract attention to our offerings or products in a clear and attractive way. Well-designed posters help increase awareness among potential customers, associating your brand with specific services. Formedia’s printing options include a wide selection of papers with different weights and surface finishes, with 150g and 200g poster paper being commonly chosen.

Self-Adhesive Film

Classified into three main types: monomeric films, polymeric films used for flat surface applications, and cast films for wrapping cars and embossed surfaces. Specialized films are also available based on the print’s purpose and subsequent exposure.

Self-Adhesive Stickers and Labels

At Formedia, we produce self-adhesive labels in various sizes. Laminates can be applied to make them weather-resistant. These labels are made from high-quality self-adhesive films. Your graphics are printed on roll material, and with plotter cutting technology, we can cut any shape and bring your project to life.

Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers offer a practical solution for quick advertising. They can be used for personalizing company vehicles or as promotional magnets for boards and refrigerators. Formedia provides comprehensive services for printing and plotter cutting to realize any magnetic sticker project.

UV Printing

Advanced UV printing technology at Formedia allows for full-color printing on various flat surfaces up to a thickness of 5cm, including materials like plexiglass, polycarbonate, PVC plywood, glass, dibond, ceramic substrates, photowallpapers, wooden countertops, etc.

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