Wondering where to have 3D letters made? Not sure how to mount initials or a slogan on the wall? With Formedia, you can solve your problem! We offer the production and installation of letters made of plexiglass. We can create any shapes, forms of flat letters, and 3D inscriptions, ranging from simple names to intricate shapes. 3D letters made of plexiglass can be mounted directly on the wall, attached at intervals, or applied to elegant boards made of acrylic glass or composite panels. They can also be backlit – from the back or on the sides with a halo effect. They can be confidently used as signage on the building facade as well as inside premises. They serve as an elegant means of communication, embellishing the space around them. Plexiglass letters are always made to order via email at sklep@formedia.pl, with an individual valuation depending on the chosen form, size, color scheme, type of material processing, quantity, and type of characters in the inscription.

Order your lettered inscription from us and gain an elegant advertisement perfected in every detail. We are not limited by size, shape, or color. We understand the growing need for promoting a company’s image. We will adapt to your guidelines, as a sign manufacturer, we will produce almost any three-dimensional form for you. In production, we use CNC technology, milling, laser cutting, thermal bending of plexiglass, polishing of acrylic glass, UV printing, and many more.

Which Plexiglass to Choose for a Logo with Letters?

When wanting to make letters cut from plexiglass, we have transparent, white, black, and colored materials at our disposal. They come in various thicknesses, which we select to achieve the desired visual effect and size of the graphic characters. Clear plexiglass used in advertising has a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 20 mm. We adjust the thickness of this material to specific orders. Thanks to this transparent plastic sheet that reflects light, we can achieve an interesting depth effect of the letters. UV printing, applying film, or engraving can be done directly on clear plexiglass. When backlit using a strip attached to one of its edges, we obtain clear letters with colored edges and engraved recesses. Colorful elements can be applied to the faces of clear plexiglass to achieve an unconventional suspended letter effect and three-dimensionality. The colored plexiglass used in Formedia is most often 2, 3, and 5 mm thick. We often make standalone letters from it, serving as the face of signs made of another material, e.g., composite panels. These add class with their glossy surface. Letters made by combining different types of materials look classy. Letters with matte edges in a dark color and a glossy face made of mirrored silver or gold plexiglass are very fashionable.

Looking for Ideas on How to Arrange the Wall in the Office?

Each representative room in your company creates your brand. It allows you to present your offer and the character of your business to the customer. To visually enhance the evaluation of the premises, you can use letters from plexiglass placed on the walls or freestanding on shelves or attached to the counter. Arranged with shiny signs, inscriptions will look very elegant and stylish. In addition, acrylic glass is durable and does not fade over the years. You can make flat or spatial letters from it, combining it with other materials such as Styrofoam, PCW, composite, or polycarbonate. The advantages of plexiglass letters are their lightness, gloss, and the fact that they look like new for years.

Wondering How to Mark Entrances to Premises?

Thanks to letters and numbers made of plexiglass next to the doors, you can mark rooms in an interesting way, e.g., in a hotel or clinic corridor. Interiors with such plexiglass signage will emphasize the professionalism of your services. The message from the mounted plexiglass letters is clear and stylish.

Want to Order Plexiglass Letter Cutting Service?

To meet this demand, we have created a letter and custom shape cutting section in the Formedia store. Simply choose the required color, thickness of the material in the selected plexiglass cutting service, and send the pdf project shape to our email sklep@formedia.pl for implementation. Our specialists will provide a quote for the order. Implementation takes place only after acceptance. We can send the shape produced by courier or you can pick it up personally at our headquarters. Everything is agreed upon at the beginning of the order.

How to Mount Plexiglass Letters?

Any shapes, graphic signs, numbers, and letters cut from plexiglass can be glued directly to the selected surface. If it is a smooth, even sheet, e.g., a reception desk, this can be done using strong double-sided tape. If we want to attach it directly to, e.g., a cube or a larger sheet of plexiglass, we use specialized adhesives dedicated to this purpose. These are adhesives tested by our specialists. We guarantee that plexiglass glued to other materials in our company will not come off. Plexiglass faces can also be made by gluing them directly to painted Styrofoam, which is then attached to the wall or glass using double-sided tape.

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