PET-G material contains a special glycol additive, significantly facilitating its thermal processing. Sheets made of this material are excellent for molding, characterized by exceptional impact resistance. Importantly, PET-G maintains transparency even during heating, thermoforming, and bending processes. Additionally, these sheets can be effectively bonded.

With outstanding mechanical properties, especially in terms of impact resistance, and chemical resistance, PET-G sheets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially in the UV-stabilized version. Importantly, they meet all standards regarding contact with food, allowing safe use in contact with unpackaged food.

Available in clear, opal, and smoked versions adds flexibility in choice, allowing adaptation to various aesthetics and design needs. This also opens up a wide range of applications for this versatile PET-G material.

Food Contact

PET-G meets the requirements of the European Community regulations regarding plastics used in contact with food according to Regulation (EU) No 10/2011.

See the certificate.

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