Swedboard Eco Cardboard Panel

A new, innovative advertising medium, perfect for visual communication, is an eco-friendly advertising board made of rigid cardboard. Environmentally friendly and excellent for POS materials, this cardboard panel stands out for its ecological approach and exceptional rigidity.

Our cardboard panels provide an excellent surface for screen printing and digital printing. The Swedboard® Fibre brown board, with a honeycomb structure core, is 100% made from FSC® certified paper. This is not only an ecological but also a durable option for producing POS materials.

The Swedboard® Fibre advertising board is a reliable choice for demanding POP and POS materials as well as store signage. Currently, our warehouse offers Swedboard® Fibre boards in white and brown, providing flexibility in choosing a solution suitable for specific advertising needs.

The boards we use for our products are safe for contact with food, making them an excellent rigid cardboard for constructing 3D structures. We attribute to Swedboard® Fibre the role of an environmentally friendly alternative to almost any advertising material.

The innovative structure of the Swedboard® Fibre advertising board gives it resistance to cracking when bent in any direction. We guarantee that the corners will remain perfect, eliminating the need for additional lamination.

Furthermore, the board does not require painting or varnishing. Designed with the aim of reducing transport costs, we constructed it to be lightweight while retaining its durability. It is an excellent solution that combines functionality, durability, and an eco-friendly approach to the production of advertising materials.

The dust-free core gives our material unparalleled strength and stability, maintaining a low weight. You don’t have to worry about dust during printing, cutting, or on-site assembly processes.

The Swedboard® Fibre board perfectly aligns with our mission of sustainable development. After DISPA® board, it is another fully ecological addition to our portfolio. As a paper product, SB® Fibre is not only easily and economically recyclable in 100%, but also characterized by a negative CO2 emission. By choosing our ecological products, you support environmental protection and contribute to the responsible use of our planet’s forest resources during board production.

Our new advertising medium not only represents the most advanced and creative boards for serial printing and 3D construction but is also an optimal choice for the common good of our environment. With Swedboard® Fibre boards, you can implement advanced projects at a more affordable price.