Money boxes

Our plexiglass money boxes are unique works of precision. Perfect not only for collecting money during fundraisers but also ideal for storing your personal savings. Key-locked, they ensure the safety of your funds, and the included keys make it easy for you to access the accumulated sum.

Full professionalism

Choose a plexiglass money box and start saving wisely! Our product allows you to track progress in accumulating funds, and the key-locked mechanism ensures the security of your savings.

Money box for envelopes during a wedding? Certainly!

Planning a wedding? Our plexiglass money boxes are excellent as elegant boxes for envelopes with wishes. Key-locked, they provide excellent protection against potential theft of monetary gifts.

Elegance and precision

Our stylish plexiglass and durable polycarbonate money boxes stand out with an elegant design, shiny edges, and a universal appearance that perfectly complements any interior. Excellent not only for collecting tips in restaurants, bars, and cafes but also as unique boxes for wedding wishes.

Trust us

At Formedia, we ensure durability and precision in production. We will customize the shape, color, and dimensions of the money box to your individual needs using engraving, UV printing, wrapping, or adding unique spatial elements laser-cut from plexiglass. Save with class thanks to our money boxes!