Are you tired of constant clutter on your desk? Do you want to better organize the space on your shelf? Do you have a buffet table at work and need a container for gadgets? Try ready-made solutions and plexiglass organizers from the Bydgoszcz manufacturer. Enter the shop of acrylic glass products or order at describing what you need! We have great solutions for you to achieve effective organization in your workspace. Our designed containers with compartments will allow you to organize and arrange items most efficiently. These are containers for sorting goods that are worth having at your fingertips.

Applications of Organizers

Organizers are essential in a coffee service, restaurant buffet. With them, you’ll ensure convenient serving of coffee, tea sachets, and spices. You’ll allow easy access to cups, straws, and cutlery. Plexiglass organizers are also indispensable at the cash register area, where proper utilization of every cm² is crucial. Both the cashier and the customer will appreciate excellent visibility of goods in transparent plexi containers. In sanitary facilities, you can sort cleaning supplies, and in meeting areas, you can use organizers for notes, pens, business card holders, or leaflet dispensers. Containers with lids and compartments can be used for sorting, storing, and displaying food, e.g., in self-service stores, supermarkets, or cafes and bakeries. In drugstores, they can serve as dispensers for small items like cosmetic samples, cream sachets, makeup tools, and accessories. The applications and places where acrylic glass boxes are used are much more diverse.

We Know What We’re Doing

We offer you a wide range of plexiglass products for storage. We also refer to this material as Plexa, Plexi, Plexiglas, PMMA, or even acrylic glass. They are characterized by high aesthetics, easy maintenance, and high transparency. When creating unique projects using plexi, we have almost unlimited possibilities. In addition to bending, cutting, and gluing, we can directly print on it with UV printing or engrave it. Plexiglass organizers are most commonly used in the customer checkout area. They encourage spontaneous and unplanned purchases. These products are designed to present various small items: cosmetics, sweets, toys, scarves, hair ties, wallets, keychains, or watches. They also find extensive use in homes – an easy way to organize drawers, cabinets, dressers, and shelves. On your request, we can create plexiglass organizers in any design, shape, with any number of compartments.

By mentioning some of them above, we would like to introduce you to some available in our online store.

Get organized with your tools, work accessories, and merchandise. Enter and order, or write to us at about the organizer you need. We are a manufacturer and can easily create a dispenser, cube, or display tailored to your brand and guidelines for your products.