Advertising panels are an elegant and eye-catching form of outdoor advertising, effectively highlighting your brand. At Formedia, we create this medium by customizing the shape and design to meet the client’s expectations. We always take into account the specific location where the advertising panel will be placed. This form of advertising is effective both during the day and at night, as we use energy-efficient LED lighting systems for illumination, available in a full range of colors.

Solid Foundation

The durability and resistance of the advertising panel to external factors depend on the materials used in its construction. At Formedia, we prioritize the quality of products and utilize the most durable components, including plexiglass, polycarbonate, and composite panels.

Composite Panel Advertising Panels

The primary difference between a classic advertising panel and one made from a composite panel lies in the aesthetic execution – there are no visible joints between the front and the side in the latter. The composite panel is a very rigid and distortion-resistant material, making it ideal for creating advertising panels. In our advertising agency Formedia, we use brushed or painted aluminum in various colors. Advertising panels made from composite panels create a seamless structure, with graphics milled and laminated with plexiglass in the customer’s chosen color. The graphics consist of milled shapes backed with colored plastic material. These panels can be either single-sided or double-sided and may also feature an ornamental frame on the structure or facade.

Double-Sided Illuminated Traffic Lights

Hanging illuminated advertisements from the narrower side, perpendicular to the building facade, personalized on both sides. Typically displaying the company’s logo, these signs are often used indoors for communication and information purposes, such as in shopping mall interiors or store passages. Mostly made from materials like plexiglass, foamed PVC, and composite panels. At Formedia, we use safe and energy-efficient LED modules for illuminating the traffic light. Depending on the mounting structure, we distinguish between single and double-arm traffic lights.