Plexiglass covers

Looking for custom covers for your machine, partition walls for an office, store, or hotel? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Formedia, we custom-manufacture all kinds of semi-finished products for products and machines, primarily dedicated to printing and industrial machines. We also offer ready-made plexiglass products for office equipment, store networks, and all places of service provision. Our range of ready-made covers and protections includes plexiglass desk dividers and floor partition walls for offices. With protective products from Formedia, you’ll gain work comfort and ensure the safety of your employees. Our range of ready-made partition walls, desk dividers, and protections can be found in our online store. Enter and find what you’re looking for. If you need a custom order, write to us at

Shelving dividers made of plexiglass

In custom orders, we adjust all parameters, such as dimensions, shapes, and material thickness, to your specific workstation size. We can apply any UV print on the dividers. Well-chosen shapes and parameters of the dividers guarantee full functionality in separating products. Wondering about the cost? The price of cutting plexiglass dividers depends on the length of the cutting line, material thickness, and printing. We can also make plexiglass dividers from your design! Write to us about your needs at

Plexiglass desk shields

Do you want to divide the office into several work zones so that each employee has a comfortable workspace? We have a ready-made solution for you in the form of modular and partition desk dividers. Our products will help you divide the office into workstations, employee, and customer zones. Check out our ready-made offer for office dividers to divide space at Formedia store or ready-made modular shields with metal legs.