Do you need a unique designation for your company? Want to emphasize the numbering of hotel rooms or office spaces in an unconventional way? We are a manufacturer of various forms and signs made of acrylic glass. We will create graphic forms from plexiglass tailored to the interior style and your brand. Signs, letters, inscriptions, pictograms made of plexiglass will complement the appearance of rooms and facilitate communication. With proper room signage, which we will create for you, you will gain harmony and clear communication. Certainly, everyone unfamiliar with the room layout will appreciate the ease of orientation.

We offer the production and installation of all types of plexiglass signs. We specialize in creating various shapes and forms. In our machine park, we can produce everything from simple laser-cut names to complex spatial forms. 3D signs can be mounted directly on the wall or applied to elegant glass or dibond boards, creating an extraordinary form. They can also be backlit – from the back, on the sides, or with a halo effect.

How to order custom plexiglass signs?

Graphic signs, spatial letters, nameplates, pictograms, room numbers, and names can be ordered by email at Describe exactly what you need, in what quantities, where the sign should be placed, and our specialists will show you our previous projects in a similar style, present the method of execution, and provide an approximate price and delivery time.

Plexiglass signs with room numbering

Do you own a hotel, and your company is located in an office building? We will create unique room numbers, signs with room names for you. Plexiglass markings can take various shapes. The combination of several layers of plexiglass, for example, a round background with a raised inscription and number, gives truly great effects. We can create a unique room numbering that will be elegant and timeless. Your clients and employees will surely appreciate the clarity of the signs. Mounting plaques on doors is always very simple using strong, proven double-sided tape or spacers. Wondering where to buy and what type of fastening to choose? All fastening elements such as tape, metal spacers are included with the order and are taken into account during the valuation.

Special signs for visually impaired individuals

We recognize the need to facilitate communication for people with disabilities. Thanks to UV embossed printing on plexiglass or PCW, this is now possible. In Formedia, we are a manufacturer of plaques with Braille alphabet. Such solutions are used in urban and public spaces. Hotels and clinics are increasingly catering to visually impaired individuals. In door sign implementations with printed signatures, such as room names, we add a Braille signature. The color scheme of these markings is contrasting with a uniform background.