Diamond Polishing

Glass-like Effect

Do you want to have perfectly smooth display cases, figurines, or acrylic glass tombstones? If you’re looking for the WOW effect with products that have perfectly smooth edges, we have a solution. We are a manufacturer of plastic products, and we have perfected the processing of Plexiglas.

At Formedia, aiming to achieve perfectly smooth, shining edges for shapes, we cut Plexiglas directly in a cutting laser. The intense beam of light melts the material. As a result, the cut sheet gently melts and covers the edges, creating them perfectly smooth and shiny. Plastic cut in this way is ready for further processing such as bending, UV printing, or engraving. Acrylic glass subjected to laser cutting can also be immediately bonded with other materials.

Some projects require a perfect right angle. For cutting shapes with such requirements, we use mechanical cutting with milling knives in professional milling machines. They digitally guide the blades to the cutting point, executing it with the utmost precision. The edges of the plastic subjected to such treatment are even but matte, resembling the effect of sandblasted glass. Sometimes, especially during the production of figurines, we need to preserve the transparency of Plexiglas. We have a method for this, which looks exceptionally unique, especially with sheets of thickness between 5-10 mm. For this purpose, we pull our Plexiglas through a special automatic grinder that grinds the edge of the Plexiglas using a diamond blade.

This process is very fast, and the effects are immediately visible. The only drawback is the very loud noise of the machine. Rectangles polished with an automatic grinder from Plexiglas are very impressive, especially the thickest ones. We most often use this process when creating custom figurines at Formedia.