Visual advertising

At Formedia, we are a team of specialists with extensive experience in various advertising fields. We focus on modern design, aesthetic execution, high-end technologies, and solutions tailored to the needs and character of your brand. We offer our knowledge and experience in utilizing the best exhibition solutions. With our own production line and appropriate technical facilities, we ensure high product quality. Thus, you can expect professional and comprehensive service from the project phase, printing, pasting, plotting, graphic cutting, milling, bending, and many other processes. The material known as plexiglass, plexi, plexiglas, PMMA, or even acrylic glass is a durable and very elegant material. It has high transparency and is easy to process. When creating unique projects using plexi, we have almost unlimited possibilities in producing POS materials.

Wondering where to find durable and aesthetic plexi advertising?

Check out Formedia’s offer. We will create high-quality plexi advertising for both interiors and exteriors. It works perfectly in shops, offices, hotels, waiting rooms, conference halls, and government institutions. Thanks to our years of experience in the advertising industry and well-equipped machinery, we can easily create flat and spatial forms from plexiglass. Backlit displays with LED strips look excellent in darker rooms and corridors. Plexiglass panels will elegantly present the entrance to your company, salon, or shop. Advertising signs are suitable for walls behind cash registers, at reception desks, as well as outside, for example, above the entrance in a shopping arcade. Plexi plates, similar to cut-out signs, will guide your customers to their destinations when you use them to mark various entrances. You can also consider statues and gadgets made from this extraordinary material as prestigious advertising. There are truly many solutions, and the list goes on. See in a nutshell what we can do for you or send a message about your needs to